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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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don't forget to go to and go to greta both places. i'll see you monday night right here. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> donald trull p has harsh words for hairspray. he better not be going after my girlfriend, lateisha. and the father-daughter dances. and jesse joyce joins us from l.a. if he is still managing the pac sun in the promenade. back to you, tom.
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>> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guest. her name in french means more wine, please. joanne nosuchunsky. he has been on pbs more than big bird. the columnist, michael reidle. she loves hillary so much she sleeps in a pant suit. and you may recognize his voice as a zombie and as the man holding major child captive in the ransom call. he plays kurt on the new show. let's start the show. >> the race for the republican nomination is over. donald trump can is loosen up on the campaign trail. he touted an endorsement from the west virginia coal association. with hundreds of coal miner standing behind him
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trump put on a mining helmet and then talked to an issue close to their hearts. >> my hair look okay? give me a little spray. you are not allowed to use hairspray anymore because it affects the ozone. you mean to tell me -- because hairspray is not like it used to, but in the old days you put the air spray on and it is good. today you put the hairspray on and it is good for 12 minutes. i said wait a minute. if i take hairspray and pray it in my apartment which is all sealed and you are telling me that affects the ozone layer? no way, folks. no way. >> last time i heard a politician talking about the ozone layer are arsenio hall
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was making headlines. he concluded about talking about pop rocks and coke and how they didn't make the boy from the life cereal commercial explode. look how this gop senator plans to spend the next seven months. >> it almost looked like an animal. >> look, kurt, he got in front of the coal miners -- before his speeches he likes to rip a little bit. >> he has to talk to coal miners because those are his only black supporters. >> he says he will do better with the african-american vote. >> he only says black. >> he will do better with the plaque.
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he will do better with the black. >> jessica, look, the -- trump has a lot of personality, right? >> totally. >> i thought we had solved the ozone thing. was he trying to say the hairspray of today is now bad because they changed the floor carbons? >> i think he is -- >> i'm pretty sure i saw his mouth moving. >> if he knows about one thing he knows about hairspray. >> that's true. >> i have a ton of hairspray and i don't know if i am rotting the ozone. >> you weren't around when the whole controversy happened. >> it was in the 80s.
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>> i remember they stopped using the aerosol and apparently it wasn't used since the 70s. the ozone depleting hasn't happened for years. >> you remember when we went from the area -- area raw sol spray to the pumps m they were clumpy. >> they were putting water in your hair. donald trump is funny, but this man is running for president. when i see him give a speech it is not a can of hairspray. when it is a can of raid it must be somehow. >> you softened up for old donald trump and i thought you were coming around. >> i will support the republican nominee in theory. but in practice if it is donald trump i will be like the dog.
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>> are you using the i'm with her hash tag? >> the only time i come to trump is when hillary clinton comes on television. >> there you go. keep hope alive. >> that idiocy of the hairspray and the ozone layer is another way of saying i am cool. >> he is talking to coal miners. >> he is relating to his party. they don't care about the environment. >> i care about the environment, but i don't think my tax dollars should go to a natural trend. >> this is where hillary is vulnerable. we don't want the jobs to come back. >> she said she miss spoke and it was out of context and she does care about these people and if only trump does, clearly. >> here is the thing about liberals and this is her vulnerability. liberals are compassionate about the downtrodden eke
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september for those who work in the fossil fuels. they don't care about those people. >> we will get them new jobs. >> you are are not going get them new jobs. you don't like them because they work for trump anyway. >> you saw those guys standing behind trump. do you think they would be happy working in the tesla factory? >> elon musk is waiting for them. >> they are like the back end of a human centi peaked. >> what? what does that mean? >> trump says anything about the environment and hairspray and it trickles down to the followers. he is not presidential, bottom line. i was into him because of the straight talk days. >> that's what i'm saying. he speaks the kurt language. >> he shouldn't be surprised.
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>> and hillary clinton left when the liberal elites have nothing -- >> did somebody mention my name? >> if you thought the people -- the lefties that came out when obama got in which were awful, wait until you see who comes out when trump is in. >> everyone is awful. >> working class americans. >> meanwhile, trump could soon be getting a classified intelligence briefing. he has been getting his intel from more alternative sources. the white house says once trump is nominated intelligence officialses will brief him on the state of the world. a tradition of the party nominee dating back many years. trump who has a reputation will be top secret. some tweets may look like, hmm here is one. i don't want to get into it, but angela merckle was part of
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a plot to murder kurt cobain. i was wrong about cruz's father killing kennedy. it was the cia. one more, i won't stalk about it, but aliens, the good kind from space, are being held in area 51. we have so much to learn from them. he will booy open minded in the future if you have other possible tweets send them to us using the # future trump tweets. or post them on our facebook inpa. we will read the best ones on monday. joanne? >> what do you think? this is a great idea to give him the intelligence. >> i am going to get ahead of the table. i feel like i need to defend trump tonight. >> i think you do. >> he is not a petulant child. i know he acts like it, but he runs successful business. if he is told classified information he will keep it classified.
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that's not to say that they will tell him classified information. if president obama has already said, well it is up to us to decide what we want to tell the presumptive nominee. >> you think they will hold back because they don't like trump? >> i agree. i think they will show him a captain america civil war. >> they will give the information to hillary because she knows her private e-mail server is secure and she will get more information than trump. he cannot keep a secret. he has a pipeline to my great colleague cindy adams at the new york post. the liberal media should be delighted about this. they are filing the freedom of information acts. we will all know what is going on. >> the press would love the leak. he can keep it secret because he dsh dash he is keeping us in the -- he is keeping us in the dark. i am not going to tell you. he wants to keep people guessing. that's his style. >> that's totally his style.
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i completely agree. i love the article we got from the liberal elite media. it says president obama can decide on the information and it shows no ability to hold back even when he does that tease like i am not going to tell you exactly what ited said, but north korea and the knock clear weapons are real bad -- and the nuclear weapons are real bad. >> thank you for admitting that hillary will get a different briefing. >> i don't know. >> and they are corrupt as we always thought. >> a broken down plaza is about to get a face-lift and be dedicated to the women of the new york city burrow. not much of a story, but it was home to a statue that some call massage nighs. it is called triumph of civic virtue and shows a buff, nude male
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with a sword and obviously a physical representation of civic virtue. i am not sure why that is mass massagonist. turns out he is strap pelling two women who represent corruption. that statue is in a virtue cemetery which is where virtue goes to die. >> this is a statue and it is history. why do we have to deny history? >> the statue, no one has liked it. >> somebody look at the wikipedia page. even back then it was weird to people. >> lady liberty. a woman. >> and so he went a different
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way and had it as a nude man and he moved it from queens to manhattan because he was tired of looking at it. >> he looks fat. who was it based on? who modeled? did you look that up? >> people thought it was charles atlas, but it was an italian bicyclist. >> jessica, i think it is progressive he made a man and instead of always making lady liberty he made it a man. he got slack for it back then. >> it is a man, but he is stand standing on women. >> two women. two window and one guy. >> it is like the affirmative action of statues. >> maybe they should have done alt more -- >> what? like doing well? school? >> no, maybe women --
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>> i want to see how you dig your way out. >> they should have read a few more books. >> because of the way world was men had a lot of great achievements. >> women have great achievements already and you just need to look around. it is filled with millions of people. guess who birthed all of the people, women. >> exactly. you can't think of them as women of the they are the symbols and the sirens. the sirens represented things like corruption and vice. you cannoty face a thousand years of western civilization because it did you president fit your political sensitivities of the day that's the it is. you can't change history. >> isn't that punishment enough? >> who was castrated 1234. >> the statue. >> where did you read that?
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>> i used my eyes. i didn't know what i was looking at. >> i heard they were refurbishing the statue and they are going to make a trump head and then go to rosie o'donnell. >> that would be offensive. talking about entering the world with a bang. expecting parents have a new way to announce the gender of a child. >> it includes guns and explosives. >> fire in the hole. >> blue smoke means it is a boy. the affect is created by gun powder and pink chalk or in this case pink chalk. >> three, two, one. >> that's a thing of beauty. >> no, you see it in north
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korea when gym gung ill does more testing. >> that's how they have their fun, if they have a baby, the as dpr. >> i have a right to have a gun, but you shouldn't be blow is they them up. >> it looks like violence and war and this is what you want the child's gender is. >> i think kurt has a different opinion. >> i think they are bored. you saw the her rain. it is bore dom is what -- boredom is what that is. >> it doesn't matter what sex the child s. they will be a if the disuh -- disappointment. >> you have a bleak view of the universe. >> have i gone through many times. you know how people need to give you directions to places.
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i need that. i can't look into your eyes. >> i know you wouldn't president want to do this because it is dangerous to shoot. >> big violation. i saw the blue one and then the pink one. i thought this guy has to be sad he is having a girl, right? any guy that wants to shoot his gender reveal purr de is not excited. >> love their daughter. >> my main problem is that the informative nature. you will decide the gender of your child? i want points for andy at half time. >> listen, that is what they are saying. they talk about the doctorses
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they assign. >> don't impossible that on the child. >> was the father-daughter dance under attack? we will get to the bottom of it after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. donald trump, the presumptive gop nominee taking his campaign to eugene, oregon. trump rallied thousands of people in a local arena. but some of his supporters were met outside by anti-trump protesters. demonstrators banged on drums and shouted dump trump and held up signs that read trump hates women.
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things remained mostly calm. while speaking at the white house, president obama used a deteriorating state of the dc rail system as one example of the, quote, under investment in the infrastructure. they are pitting the blame on republican lawmakerses and they say pumping money into the framework would boost the economy. >> if the republican congress joined us they will take steps and then we could put some additional wind at the backs of the working americans. to create new jobs in our infrastructure and our roads and our bridges and/or schools. >> the president went on to say they are not serious about fixing the problem. >> a federal security officer suspected it in three deadly shootings in the washington, d.c. area has been charged. the 62-year-old is facing first degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife. police believe he may may be also ect cked to other
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shootings happened yesterday. one at a mall and another a half hour later at a grocery store. the powerball jackpot climbing to $415 million. tonight's drawing is the biggest powerball prize since that record $1. sikdz billion payout in january. your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. now back to your jackpot for laughter, red eye. for all of your news headlines go to fox a father-daughter dance at an elementary school in columbia, south carolina had to be canceled because, well -- you know why. everything has to be canceled from now on in america. the official reason there will be no annual fundraiser dance this year the dance was, quote, not sufficiently inchew sigh. not -- inclow sigh. not everyone is a father and not everyone is a daughter. did you think of that?
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despite the fact it was open to all who wanted to attend despite that that fact was on the flier and despite that the event raises two grand for the school and the school knows if there is one complaint the aclu will gup p -- jump in and sue. this is 2012 and they should not be in the business of fostering blatant gender stereo types. the aclu which i believe stands for americans for a cheerless utopia said they were happy to be able to once again make little girls cry. >> yow anne, no father- joanne, no father-daughter dance. surprise you? >> nothing surprises me. i always thought they were sweet. i never went because i had dance class. i was on a competitive dance team.
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>> you were too good for the father-daughter dance? >> my father would drive me to dance class. i think it is important for little girls to understand how a gentleman should treat you which is what a lot of this is and mothers and sons can do the same thing. call me chivalrous. >> it was less than 10 that complained. >> i am talking the aclu who sues whenever they can. >> that true. i did work for -- that's true. i don't get it. you still in most cases do need a a daddy and you need sperm to make a baby. we don't need a boy or a girl to make a baby. the father-daughter dances
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should live on. >> i never heard of this. >> a father-daughter dance? >> usually we just dry humped until the teachers stepped in. >> it is young girls and dads. >> you will get a head start on the complex. it is weird. it is a weird incesty thing and i don't get it. i went to a father and son purity ball for pie -- for my [bleep]. >> for your [bleen]? >> i don't care what you promised. i don't like this subject. it is a great chance to pound on liberals. >> do you have a dad? >> that is the weirdest -- >> i don't get it. >> can we go from a
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traditional american? >> there are differences among men and women. fathers have different relationships to their daughters than they have to their son of mothers have a different relationship to their son as they do to their daughter. it is human nature. it is celebrating the unique relationship a father has with his daughter. there is something beautiful about that. it should not by faced because liberals want us all to be the same. we are not the same and our relationships with our parents are not the same. that's a great point and jessica agrees with us. the aclu used to be a good organization because they fought for liberty. everyone makes mistakes. we will highlight the fact that it takes them down and renames schools like the woodrow wilson school. it is a racist tradition, et cetera. we want to make sure
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that moving forward we are as inclusive as possible. it is a wonderful tradition. that doesn't mean if you have two moms or two dads this is a problem or you would be at all embarrassed in this day and age if you showed up with your mom. >> at least they will keep their twerk. off. >> you need a copy of boys' life magazine. >> coming up, half time with tv's andy levy. a new episode is available on itunes and fox news
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> hi, tom. trump and hairspray. once again it is leading our election 2016 coverage, trump's hairspray. last it was trump's tweet about tacos. >> everyone was making fun of trump, but i think he came out on top in that exchange. >> i want to see his hair in the first 12 minutes. it is magnificent: >> trump says if i take hairspray and spray it in my apartment, which is all sealed. you are telling me that affects the ozone layer?
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i say no way, folks. no way. i could be wrong, but it is almost like trump is not a scientist. the problem was they stayed in the atmosphere for 10s of hundreds of years. assuming trump doesn't live in a place sealed all of the time, that was a problem. >> he is winning points with coal mining people. >> i don't know if it is a good point and i don't know if the hairspray works less well. >> aqua net is still around and you can still get it. >> i don't really know anyone who uses hairspray. we have gels and modeling clays and moose. >> girls have hair too. and this is like totally flammable.
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>> jessica, tom asked if hairspray has not been good since they stopped using cfc's and that's way too elevated. that is what he said. >> i could be the big dummy. >> he worked on many levels. >> michael, you said you will support the republican nominee in theory. what does that mean? >> it means i probably will support donald trump because he is not technically the nominee yet. but i don't have to say i am a trump supporter. >> just say it. >> i am delaying it as much as i can. >> you said trump said the back home are like the back end of the centipede. i have no idea what tay means.
12:35 am
>> they are digesting the -- >> i disagree. that is unfair. i got this lovely tweet saying, quote, levy, the druggy libertarian got the papa in the sky. >> no anti-sametic insult? >> no. >> trump and hillary will get intel briefings. joanne, you said trump is not a petulant child and if he hears something he will keep a classified. >> really? >> you can be broke andy. >> if that's the case he is a lucky, lucky man. >> he didn't tell you they can use that to freeze lives.
12:36 am
>> you say he will get a different party? i hope so. it was over a private e-mail. they should not be giving her any classified information. we are in total agreement. that statue into queens. why do we have to de night the history. women have been full of vice and corruption. even though it goes that was it way horrible. >> for the same reason we tont tont -- we shouldn't rope off the confederate battlefields. we admit those statues are made. >> and we admit women have been full of vice and
12:37 am
scruption and the manly virtue of civic virtue. >> paper take me in and tram -- trample. >> you said it is a man standing on two women. it is not. it is trampling vice. >> i take back my -- >> that's what i thought. >> liberals don't get symbol lirk at all. >> you need to have some roles for women. >> i wanted to be a bust of anthony wiener. >> anthony wiener is one of the people responding from his statue. >> when it got to his burrow. >> i haven't got to that. >> it is pretty gross. >> i will conquer you, vice. >> or at least sex text you.
12:38 am
>> imagine your baby's gender with a gun. >> it is seeing something broke up. is there any puff of white smoke? >> it is a puff of white smoke. >> it is ancient tradition and not blowing up the entire backyard to tell the kids you have a -- >> i'll be for it. >> >> you said any dude who wants to shoot his baby's gender reveal doesn't want a girl. >> really? >> no, not really. >> fair enough. >> delete the tweets. take it back and like me again. >> joe ab -- joanne, you said
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they should not points directly at the child. >> somebody is andy's favorite. >> daddy daughter day dance. canceled. first of all shame on you forgetting this canceled. >> i do uh poll gids. >> tom, i counsel many women with dead issues of one thing i say is it is your fault. i take him to see a great great statue at queens. >> tom you said aclu says americans against a cheerless and gregoria. >> it is the civil rights movement. >> come mistake. i am with you. i never heard of this custom. >> i feel like i am on another
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planet. you would think i would have heard. >> would you want to go 20 a dance with your mom? >> if you are young you have no choice. >> that's right. we are more from the dads of a dad's night. >> this is a girl's thing. tom mows about it. michael knows about it. >> they do it sphaer dancing -- >> we have square dancing at my hometown. >> with your parents? >> yeah, why would i want to keep this -- >> i did the ymca dance. you talk amongsted yourselves that andy left. >> does that moon we were right. >> he is take his mic off. >> sometimes andy says he is
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just done. hejesse joyce will join us.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. donald trump getting some attention from one politician after a rally on friday night in oregon. >> talk, no action is like the
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goofy elizabeth warren all talk, no action. she hasn't done anything in the united states senate. >> trump taking a swipe at senator elizabeth warren. trump making the comments while criticizing clinton and other rivals. the senator took to twitter to respond to trump with a number of tweets saying your ricism, 6 i'm and swreen gnaw -- gnaw --xenaphobia. 2 -- 250,000 makers have burned in alberta, can 2345u do. the only thing that can help is rain. more than 80,000 people have been evacuated and fortunately no des or injuries have been reported. he is the first muslim to lead the city. he beat conservative zach by
12:46 am
more than 300,000 votes. zika concerns are forcing baseball out of puerto rico. several players expressed getting and transmitting the virus and kfc is taking that i finger dickin good. it has the flavors of the line of chicken and hot and spicy. it must be there for five days. >> pu -- now back to the show. "red eye." now that donald trull p is the presumptive gop nominee it goes without saying that his policies are going to receive a little more scrutiny. we have comedian jesse joyce
12:47 am
here to discuss some of the finer points of foreign policy. jesse, welcome. >> thanks, man. that's surprising news. all of us really underestimated the amount of available fan boat parking at most polling places. sph and biggoted employees. >> you are not the biggest fan of donald trump. they think we are losing our industry. what do you think? >> it is an easy fix. if you want to fix our situation with china, stop renting [bleep] panda bears from them. >> really? >> they cost $500,000 a year for one panda. you can't get one panda so you get two pandas and it is a million dollars a year. 10 years and $10 million. if you see the panda at the
12:48 am
zoo was what we -- they don't do any god -- we have to get rid of panda bears. they made an agreement they won't make new panda bears. there is a scientist dressed up in a panda bear suit like a minor league baseball time convention and is around the clock -- clack trying to -- because he hasn't lept -- slept with her. >> what did the terror on chai neats goods? will that start a trade war, jesse1234. >> you don't know why? all they do are eat sticks. you eastbound remember. it makes tan do bears sleepy. panda bear sleep 18 hours every day.
12:49 am
what possible production can do. are you dragging yourself around a forest to find sticks. panda bear have one period a year. did you know that? it takes so much energy to keep their reproductive system going. that's like trying to hit a barred board who comes to your webbing every weekend. you are never ging to do that -- going to do that m if by some [bleep n] meef cal you can get pandas who immediately kill the one baby because they don't have the energy to take care of two babies. it requires two panda bears to get a panda bear. it is like a reverse pyramid. it is a loss just on paper it doesn't work. >> they can't afford it? they eat sticks. >> no, the sticks don't have
12:50 am
protein. it requires foo much energy. that's why they never leave. if you have two pandas up what they are doing? hooking up to a panda they are related to which is where we get it. there are more brown pandas than black and white. they are all inbred. >> it is clear your policy differs from donald trump. we will close things out with a bedtime story
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business travel doesn't have to be boring or even illiterative. he asks the hotel staff to carry out absurd requests. for instance he asked for a picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain to be placed on his bed p his wish was at their command. he asked for a picture of alfonso placed on the bed like they were looking at each other. >> the schav complied. thz great phs is. he wants to ask for a fort
12:55 am
built out of pell lows and boom, there it is. who is this mysterious prankster? we did some digging. that's no business. that's ambassador john bolton. >> i he does travel a lot. do you find yours making requests? >> just clear these stiffened towels out of the room. >> you work out a lot. yes. that's what happens when you get sweaty tiles and you need for towel. >> jessica you spent time in new york? >> no, i am ease about the skin care. >> she meets them in the bar downstairs. >> no, i actually don't like to complain much. it makes me uncomfortable. it is a liberal thing.
12:56 am
i want to make sure they are not in a fast pace. won't he be best boyfriend ever and a surprise when you get to the room like a fort and like tom cruise. >> they get pus bliss tee too. >> >> do you key -- demand the chocolate next to your bed? >> i am very easy and i just want a pot of coffee. >> and a new york post and a "wall street journal." >> wrap it up, joanne. >> i am difficult. i demand no bedbugs and a lot of people don't comply. >> they don't. >> i demand the handicap. >> it is a comfort along room. >> the bathroom. >> we have to go. to my entire panel, good night. we have 15 seconds.
12:57 am
>> it makes me uncomfortable and i don't like the cabs with the handicap spaces. >> what? >> it makes me feel like things will get worse. next.
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this is a fox news alert. police have put an end to a shooting spree just outside the nation's capital today. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. a 62-year-old man was taken into custody this afternoon. suspected of killing three people during a shooting rampage that police say began at a high school yesterday, and continued at a mall and grocery store today. correspondent rich edson is live where the suspect was finally caught. >> a short while ago in this parking lot, police arrested a suspect they say is responsible for a couple of shootings, deadly shootings across


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